151 Art and Entertainment Niche Site Ideas

Here is the first installment of many to more to come – 151 niche site prompts/triggers to help you get ideas for a blog or other website in the overall broad category of Art & Entertainment.

The top categories include:

Arts & Entertainment

Celebrities & Entertainment News

Comics & Animation

Entertainment Industry

Events & Listings

Fun & Trivia



Music & Audio


Online Media

Performing Arts

TV & Video

Visual Art & Design

All of these categories are significant and recognized as a vertical market targeted in Google Adwords and other ad platforms such as Facebook, etc.  Because of this any one of these niches has a proven track record and worth consideration.

Obviously the entertainment industry is extremely profitable, so I suppose you could call this a no brainer.  But, hopefully this list will give you more specific categories that  you may have forgotten about.

In the future, I’m planning to add specific websites that already exist in each of these categories.  So, keep this bookmarked as it will likely be updated soon.

Celebrities & Entertainment News
Comics & Animation
Anime & Manga
Entertainment Industry
Film & TV Industry
Film & TV Awards
Film & TV Production
Recording Industry
Music Awards
Record Labels
Events & Listings
Bars, Clubs & Nightlife
Concerts & Music Festivals
Event Ticket Sales
Expos & Conventions
Film Festivals
Food & Beverage Events
Live Sporting Events
Movie Listings & Theater Showtimes
Fun & Trivia
Flash-Based Entertainment
Fun Tests & Silly Surveys
Live Comedy
Political Humor
Spoofs & Satire
Action & Adventure Films
Martial Arts Films
Superhero Films
Western Films
Animated Films
Bollywood & South Asian Film
Classic Films
Silent Films
Comedy Films
Cult & Indie Films
DVD & Video Shopping
DVD & Video Rentals
Documentary Films
Drama Films
Family Films
Horror Films
Movie Memorabilia
Movie Reference
Movie Reviews & Previews
Musical Films
Romance Films
Science Fiction & Fantasy Films
Thriller, Crime & Mystery Films
Music & Audio
CD & Audio Shopping
Classical Music
Country Music
Dance & Electronic Music
Experimental & Industrial Music
Folk & Traditional Music
Jazz & Blues
Music Art & Memorabilia
Music Education & Instruction
Music Equipment & Technology
DJ Resources & Equipment
Music Recording Technology
Music Recording Technology
Musical Instruments
Drums & Percussion
Pianos & Keyboards
Samples & Sound Libraries
Music Reference
Music Composition & Theory
Sheet Music
Song Lyrics & Tabs
Music Streams & Downloads
Music Videos
Pop Music
Talk Radio
Religious Music
Christian & Gospel Music
Rock Music
Classic Rock & Oldies
Hard Rock & Progressive
Indie & Alternative Music
Metal (Music)
Punk (Music)
Urban & Hip-Hop
Rap & Hip-Hop
Soul & R&B
Vocals & Show Tunes
World Music
African Music
Arab & Middle Eastern Music
East Asian Music
Latin American Music
Brazilian Music
Latin Pop
Salsa & Tropical Music
Reggae & Caribbean Music
South Asian Music
Edgy & Bizarre
Occult & Paranormal
Online Media
Online Image Galleries
Webcams & Virtual Tours
Performing Arts
Acting & Theater
Broadway & Musical Theater
TV & Video
Online Video
Web Series
TV Commercials
TV Guides & Reference
TV Networks & Stations
TV Shows & Programs
TV Comedies
TV Documentary & Nonfiction
TV Dramas
TV Crime & Legal Shows
TV Medical Shows
TV Soap Operas
TV Family-Oriented Shows
TV Game Shows
TV Reality Shows
TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy Shows
TV Talent & Variety Shows
TV Talk Shows
Visual Art & Design
Art & Craft Supplies
Art Museums & Galleries
Arts Education
Graphic Design
Industrial & Product Design
Interior Design
Photographic & Digital Arts

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