Ahrefs Review – May 2019

I’ve finally taken the plunge and have signed up for the premium $99/month version of Ahrefs and am, well… blown away.

I’m going to go against the grain on this review and keep this short and sweet.

My official review after using it for a day or two is this.  BUY IT!

It’s freaking amazing!

The amount of information you can get is incredible.  If you tried to do this manually who knows how long it would take you.  And who knows what data you would miss out on.

If you have never tried Ahrefs, and are curious, at least sign up on their free trial.  I can practically guarantee your mind will be blown.

And that is my review.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.  By the way, there are no affiliate links on this review and I do not get a commission from it.  This is a 100% real, authentic, genuine review.  🙂

Visit Ahrefs at https://www.ahrefs.com

Also, be sure to check out their YouTube channel:

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