Goldmine of Niches from Amazon Kindle eBooks, Print Books and Audiobooks

Amazon Kindle eBooks, print books and audiobooks on Audible are a super easy way to find niche site ideas quickly.

Within a few minutes of visiting Amazon, you can find great niches and size up the profit potential by taking note of the rating and number of reviews each title has.

Try it right now by going to the website.  Once there, follow along below with a few examples:

Kindle eBooks

Once you get to the main Amazon website, click on Kindle Books from the main menu.  Currently it is in the “Kindle E-Readers & Books” category.  Here is a direct link for your convenience:

Now you can browse or search within this category.  For most blogs, you will want to limit to the “Non-Fiction” category.

Take note of the main genres under Nonfiction.  In theory these should be the best broad niche topics to consider.  As of this writing the topics are:

Arts & Photography

Biographies & Memoirs

Business & Investing

Children’s Nonfiction

Computers & Technology

Cooking, Food & Wine

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

Education & Reference

Engineering & Transportation

Health, Fitness & Dieting



Literary Criticism & Theory

Medical eBooks

Parenting & Relationships

Politics & Social Sciences





You can click on any of these categories to see dozens of other niche ideas and sometimes you may be able to keep going down in the menu to reveal more subtopics within a subtopic.

Overall there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of overall niche topics.

Here are some ideas by visiting the Travel category:

Now the fun part comes when you look at the Amazon Best Sellers page.

Using travel as our example, some ideas you could consider include:

Travel memoirs – this makes sense as it translates into a typical travel blog you may be familiar with.  The hottest sellers give their travel experiences in a specific area, such as the French Riviera.

Other ideas include foreign language instruction and traditional travel guides.

If you find a specific book that looks interesting to you, visit that Amazon page for it and check out the reviews.  You can sort reviews by most recent and tell how often someone leaves a review by looking at the date of each one.

Additionally, each review can provide more clues as to what people liked in a book as well as what they didn’t like.  Keep an eye on feedback as it can be valuable when coming up with article ideas for your blog.

Try searching for anything you are currently passionate about or have been in the past.  Hobbies, skills, interests, etc.

At any time when you are on the sales page for a book, you can scroll down to see related titles to get even more ideas.

Print Books

You can use the same techniques above and get ideas in the regular print book shopping category on Amazon.

Since print books have been around for hundreds of years, it is likely you will find more ideas this way.

Traditional paper books require a larger initial investment, so you can be assured if you find an interesting title from a big name publisher, they did a lot of research before giving a book the green light.

All of the time, energy, research and money a publisher spent on any given book can be used by you for free!

With really popular topics, some books may have thousands of reviews and can be like a goldmine of information for whatever blog you are thinking about launching.

You can also do some Googling for book authors to see if they have a companion blog or website and do keyword research to see what pages are most popular as well as what people are searching for.

As a random example, the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki has 18,751 ratings and his companion website at gets over 250,000 organic searches per month!

He is probably raking in the big bucks as he offers coaching, classes, shows and many other products.  Now I’m curious what his net worth is.  Let’s do a quick search, shall we?

One site estimates is net worth to be $80 million.  Not too shabby if you ask me. 🤑

So, without a doubt the personal finance niche appears to be pretty lucrative.

There’s no way that topic will ever go away… it is here to stay as long as the Earth keeps spinning.

When you find a book like this, take a look at other books the author has written.

Look at the table of contents for micro niche ideas that could be possible.

When you have a huge empire built from a book it is highly likely you could take a piece of the market by focusing on a narrow subtopic.

An example might be to build a blog that focuses on credit card debt instead of the larger personal finance topic.

As you search and browse the book section, take notes and write down ideas as soon as you think of them so they are not forgotten the next day.


Last but not least, you can also hunt for ideas in the many non-fiction categories of Audible.

Use the same tactics as mentioned above when researching audiobooks.

Typically there are not as many ratings/reviews on audiobook titles, so keep that in mind.

With each title on Audible, you can listen to a short sample clip to get an idea of what each audiobook is about.


Just like with real brick and mortar bookstores, online bookstores like Amazon can provide an almost infinite amount of niche ideas that could be turned into a successful blog.

The formula is simple… find hot selling books, ebooks or audiobooks and if you are passionate about that topic and have the necessary expertise you can jump into that market and grab a slice of the pie.

Remember that the goal is not to copy anyone, but rather find the germ of an idea for a topic to blog about.

To recap, here’s another quick example:

I head to the non-fiction category and think up a hobby I use to have in the past.

Let’s try fly-fishing.  I confirm there are several books on the topic so I now know it is a viable possibility.  From here I could simply decide to cover the entire broad field of fly-fishing or target a smaller niche.

Within the fly-fishing niche there are books on how to fly tying, fly fishing for trout and even fishing guides to specific geographic areas.

Any one of these topics could be turned into a blog.  From here you can do a Google search on fly tying, see what sites exist and analyse their traffic to see if it is worth getting into or not.

Hopefully that makes sense 🙂

If at any time you are stuck trying to find the perfect niche that best matches you, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to help.  Good luck!

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