Brainstorming Dog Blog Ideas

In this post, I will share some notes I have taken while brainstorming ideas for websites within the dog niche.  There are an endless amount of possibilities in this area.  The hard part may be making a decision on which one to pick.

Grab a pen and notebook or start a file on your computer and get ready to take notes if you would like to turn your passion for dogs into profit.

You can start by visiting our other post which lists 78 Dog Niche Website Ideas.

If you already have dog experience, you may have a few specific ideas in your head already, so if you haven’t already, go ahead and write those ideas down.

Once you build up a decent sized list of potential blog ideas, it’s time to start searching to see what is already out there.

Mental note – Cesar Millan has made millions by whispering to dogs. Just sayin’ 🙂


Ideas are colored green and in bold.

First I’ll go to Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest and search for dogs:

The general search term for “dogs” will likely be next to impossible to
rank highly for, so you will likely want to niche down a bit.

Consider targeting a specific dog breed for example. We’ll make a mental note
of this and explore that later as there are a ton of breeds out there.

To get ideas, let’s visit some of the top sites including:

The Wirecutter, eh?  That’s interesting.  They seem to be writing about every topic all over the map.

A little side note – the fact that your competition may some be a huge company like the NY Times
is a good reason to niche down and make sure you write massively high quality content. Anyway, by
digging around on The Wirecutter site I can see they are big into reviews. So, let’s write that down
as our first idea.

Dog Product Reviews

Review sites are perfect because most people are in a buying mode when searching for reviews.

The broad niche would be dog product reviews, but you could likely do well to narrow the topic down even more.

Here are a few ideas:

Dog Food Reviews
Dog Grooming Supply Reviews
Dog Toy Reviews

I can also tell that list posts are popular as well as tips like flying with your dog. This
could be a good blog idea. Dog travel tips. Let’s make a note of that.

Dog Travel Tips

Browsing at some of the other top keywords here are some other subject areas that
seem to show up frequently:

Dog Health Tips
Adopting Dogs/Puppies
Dogs for Sale
Dog Names
Cute Dog Photos/Videos
Dog Memes
Dog Quotes
Dog Symptoms
Dog Jokes
Dog Movies
Dog Grooming
Puppy Training
Guide/PTSD/Service Dogs
Choosing a Dog for Kids

Now it’s time to take a break and try the Google Alphabet Soup technique and see what
we can come up with.

Dog Boarding
Dog Breeders
Dog House Plans
Dog Friendly Hotels
Dog Parks
Dog Rescues
Dog Racing
Dog Sitting
Dog Clothes
Dog Yoga
Dog Massage
Dog Zodiac/Astrology
Dog Training, obedience training
Dog Shows

(Hot Tip) Another trick you can use is to find websites that are monetizing with the Amazon affiliate
program. They are required to put the disclaimer on their web site that will include the words
“participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program”.

So, do a Google search for that exact phrase and add the word “dogs” to it or a narrower topic
such as dog food.

Here are a few Amazon affiliate sites that show up about dog food:

Other sites show up using a search such as “dog food review” so at first glance this appears
to be a saturated niche. DogFoodAdvisor® appears to have the #1 spot, so let’s take a closer
look at them.  Before we forget, let’s write this idea down:

Dog Food Reviews

First thing is since their website is trademarked, it’s probably a good sign they are doing well. They
also have an active forum with thousands of posts. One page shows the contributors to the site
with obvious authority. Two are doctors.

UberSuggest estimates the site gets 930,545 organic visitors every month.  Nice!

Now you can make a decision. Do you want to create a competing dog food site or niche down even further?

If you want to get more specific, you could focus only on recalls. You could even take a step back and
make a site that gives the latest recall information on all things dogs – food, toys, etc.  Write those ideas down…

Dog Food Recalls
.. toy recalls
.. furniture recalls

Or you could focus on only puppies. Or only review dry dog foods. I also see that weight loss is
another area of interest.

Dry Dog Food Reviews
Dog Weight Loss Tips
Puppy Food Reviews

Some good news in this market is it appears that many of these sites haven’t taken advantage of
YouTube yet, so possible you could dominate by doing a blog/YouTube combo.

Dog Food Review Videos on YouTube (appears to be a wide open opportunity)

Searching on YouTube, the video below shows up on the first page.  I see very few actual reviews:

If you notice there are already multiple websites that have “taken your niche” – have no fear. This
can actually be a good sign as it shows proven interest in the market. All you have to do is build
a bigger and better site, provide more value and create the best experience.

If you want more ideas you can also do a page search on Amazon’s site directory at

Sub categories include flea & tick control, treats, beds & furniture, toys, apparel and more.

Dog Flea & Tick Control Blog
Dog Furniture Plans
Dog Treat Reviews
Dog Clothes Reviews

As you can see, there is no end in sight to the overall dog category. It is huge.

With any niche, it is always best to either choose one you already are familiar with or one that you want to get
better at, learning as you go. Take some time to do an inventory of yourself and your current expertise with dogs
to help you pick a specialty.

If you are having trouble deciding on a specialty in the dog category, you may want to simply go with the overall
broad category and simply begin posting articles. It won’t take you very long to see what areas you prefer to write
about and which ones bring in the most traffic. By starting with a broad category you have the option to cover many different
subjects compared to if you only made a blog about Corgis.

You could also choose to go with the overall “dog” category and begin writing articles. It won’t take very long before
you figure out what you like to write about and what type of articles bring in the most traffic.

Other questions you can ask yourself include…

Do you have a dog right now?
What specific breed do you have?
Are there specific breeds you have had in the past or have experience with through friends/family?


I only spent about an hour digging around and quickly came up with over 45 ideas.  For best results, take your laptop to a coffee shop or
other location away from distractions and spend 2 or 3 hours researching and write down every idea you can think of.

If you have programming experience, you may want to create a web based tool or app around a niche idea to grab everyone’s attention.  An example would
be a puppy name generator.

Another tip is to join various dog groups on Facebook and make a post polling people on what kind of website they would like to see.  Or, read about one of the most important rules which is
to create a website for yourself… make one that you would like to exist.  It is based off a quote from Steve Jobs in which he said “We Make What We Want for Ourselves“.

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