How to Find Niche Site Ideas – Blog Roundup #1

In this article, I have reached out to some of the top blogging experts out there to get their advice, tips and tricks for how to find and create niche site ideas.

Below you’ll hear from George Kao, Miles Beckler, Suzi Whitford, and David Boozer (coming soon!).

If you have advice you would like to add to this post, feel free to contact me and I’ll update this post, or include it in the next roundup.

Enjoy!  👍😊

George Kao

George Kao has a unique philosophy about niche decision in which he recommends that you build an audience before choosing your niche.

You can read all about it here in his article titled “First build your audience, *then* define your niche.”

To briefly summarize, his formula recommends to:

Create Content -> Fan-Based Offerings -> Get Clients -> Define Niche

I believe this philosophy may be similar to when you get naturally immersed in a niche and start noticing gaps in the market, problems that haven’t been solved, etc.

Some of my most successful projects have come as a result of noticing a product or service that is missing in a market and jumping on the opportunity immediately.

Such opportunities likely would not be found unless you were fully immersed in an audience – whether it is baking cupcakes, knitting, fishing, travel, day trading or whatever.

Also, make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel for many refreshing videos on authentic marketing, business and more.  Hands down one of the hidden gems on YouTube without a doubt.

Miles Beckler

Miles Beckler has chimed in with an almost 2 hour video on the subject of how to choose a niche.

“This video will reveal the secrets to choosing a niche you will love and that will create a lucrative online business for you… Plus we will look at 13 affiliate marketing niche sites that are crushing it so you can get some ideas about how this works out for others…”

Miles has also included an article on this topic, titled Niche Website Success 101: Choosing Your Niche.  In this article he helps you choose a niche with “3 Key P’s” of a successful niche website: Passion, People and Profit.

Suzi Whitford

“If you want to find a profitable niche, it has to fall within one of these categories – health, wealth, relationships or happiness. It’s in those categories that people spend money.” – Suzi from

Here is an article from her blog titled “How to Choose a Blog Niche: What Should I Blog About?!

I especially enjoy her advice “You’ll get more traction with action”  😊

David Boozer

“How do you choose the right niche for you? Simple, find your passion, make sure you are proficient enough to teach the basics of it, and, of course, make sure it is profitable!

How you go about building it online is up to you as well, but the 3 simple ideas above should suit you just fine, trust me, they suit me and thousands of others I know here very, very well…” – David Boozer of

I’m including one of his videos from his YouTube channel below, but he has many other videos that dive into the topic of finding niche ideas, so here is a link to the search results from his channel if you want to binge watch them 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this short little round up of inspiration to help you find a good idea for your blog or website.  Stay tuned as I’ll probably post more roundups similar to this in the future…  😊

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