Top 7 Best Forum Directories on the Internet

A great place to do niche research to get ideas for your next blog, as well as articles/posts is to browse and search through the various discussion forums on the Internet.

Forums have been around since the dawn of the web and are still popular today in almost any topic imaginable.

Why would you want to look around in these online communities?  The answer is if a forum exists around a specific topic and has a lot of activity, then it’s very likely  you could create a blog around the subject as well.

As Robert J. Ringer advised in his book “Million Dollar Habits”, “it’s a lot easier to follow a pioneer than to be a pioneer.”  He also advised that it’s easier to modify a known success than to try and reinvent the wheel.

With that in mind, try to find forums that match what you are passionate about.  Are there a lot of members?  How many new topics are posted each day?  It’s also a good way to research whether your new blog idea is a worthy or not in the first place.

So, take some time and look around to see what you find.  Take notes.

As of this writing, here is the most up to date listing of the various Internet Forum Directories I have found.  Be sure to sign up for any that look intriguing, participate in threads and start building the base for your audience.

I’ll update this post every few months in case some of these sites are no longer active. – Well, this is obvious but must be included.  Probably the biggest forum like site on the planet.  Thousands of subreddits on anything you can imagine.

Google – A cool trick you can use to find a forum around a niche is to use this search operator.  In the search bar simply type Forum:keyword.  Replace “keyword” with whatever you are interested in.  Here’s an example screenshot to find fishing forums:

Find a Forum – – Hundreds of forums listed in dozens of different topics.  Browse by category or search. (archived version) – This use to be the biggest forum directory but the site has been down for awhile.  This link goes to an archived version which will allow you to browse around for ideas.

Pro Boards Directory – Hundreds of forums listed that use the ProBoards service.  With ProBoards you can start your own free forum or upgrade to a premium account for more features.

Tapatalk – Mobile first communities.  What is really cool about Tapatalk is that many existing forums have this integrated with their website, so if you view from your phone or other mobile device you can find/follow over 200,000 forums in a similar way you would on Twitter by clicking a follow button.  A great way to get ideas while on the go! – Another forum hosting provider complete with a directory of who is using their service.

Ok, that’s all for now.  This should at least give you a good starting point.  If you know of any other directories that are not listed here, please contact us and we can add them to the list.




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