How to Find Niche Website Ideas from Hobbies

Finding niche website ideas from hobbies is one of the easiest and best ways to come up with an idea for a profitable blog or website.  Whether you are a brand new blogger or an advanced one, this article will help you find hobbies that match your interests and lifestyle and make the process exciting instead of dull.

Your past and present hobbies/interests are a great place to begin your quest for the perfect niche site idea.  Not only are hobbies fun, but also have many products you can use for monetization when you are ready to do so.  Hobby-related sites are also easy to target with online and offline marketing.  Each one usually will have many online communities, hashtags, forums and other websites to piggyback off of and grow an audience.

There are thousands of different hobbies to choose from.  If you are stumped trying to think of one, here are a few resources to jog your memory or discover ones you have never thought of.  Grab a pen and paper or start a file on your computer to write down each one you find from the resources below.  They may be ones you currently enjoy, are interested in or enjoyed in the past and forgot about.  Take note of any that you would love to get into, but may have to wait until your financial situation or available free time has improved.

One last thought.  Don’t bother with hobbies that bore you to death.  You need to at least have some natural excitement for the ones you put on your list.  🙂

List of Hobby Resources


Wikipedia’s List of Hobbies – This page has around 300+ different hobbies listed under categories including Indoors, Outdoors, Collection, Competitive and Observation.  Click on one hobby and it is likely you’ll go down a rabbit hole and discover a niche during your journey.  When you visit a specific hobby page, be sure to check out the references at the bottom of the page for even more clues.

Hobby Discussions on Reddit

You can start with the subreddit r/Hobbies or search.  If you search just that subreddit you might try the keywords “looking for” to find posts of people looking for something to match their needs (if they are handicapped, for instance).  Search for the phrase “List of” to find posts listing hobbies.


StumbleUpon – If you don’t have a StumbleUpon account yet, now you have a good excuse to set one up.  It’s amazing and great for finding websites you may have never heard of through mainstream channels.  Once you sign up, go to your settings to Edit Your Interests.  Once there you can see several categories to choose from such as Arts/History, Computers, Health, Hobbies, Home, Music, Outdoors, etc.  While logged in simply select anything that interests you.

Once you have saved your settings you can start stumbling.  Hit the stumble button and it will take you to a random website based on the interests you checked.  The cool part about this is you can see how many followers each interest has – and this will help you gauge if it is a market worth entering or not.

So, keep Stumbling and write any ideas down as you see them.  Give a thumbs up to the ones you like to save, then go through your saved pages later to write them down.  Happy Stumbling!

Online Hobby Stores

You couldn’t ask for a more obvious solution than to simply browse around at any one of the many hobby stores you can find online.  There are some specialist hobby shops and large ones that cater to everything imaginable.  You could even visit a real brick and mortar hobby shop if you have one nearby.  Bring a notepad and paper to jot down any ideas that come to you – or use your phone to take notes.

Here are a few of the most popular online hobby shops you can start with.  Look around in each category and make a list of the ones most appealing to you.

HobbyTown –

Tower Hobbies – – be sure to check out their full product directory, too!

Hobby Lobby –

Mega Hobby –


I probably shouldn’t suggest this one, but too late, I already did.  Pinterest is an endless source of hobby ideas and inspiration.  Try searching for “hobbies list” or “list of hobbies” to get a closer match when searching for hobby lists.  You can also try searching “hobbies for men”, “hobbies for women”, etc.

The Old Yahoo Directory

I’m a big fan of vintage Internet stuff, so couldn’t resist including the Yahoo Directory.

Sadly, the Yahoo Directory was closed for good in 2014.  But, thanks to I’ve found a snapshot of the hobbies section of the directory to give you some ideas.  I wish they would bring back the Yahoo Directory… everyone loved it and would be great to see a nice throwback to the 90’s brought back to life.

Here are a few listed in the directory in 1996:

Amateur/Ham Radio, Armor, Astronomy, Basketry, Beads, Bell Ringing… (bell ringing?)

Homebrewing, Juggling, Origami, Rockets, Stained Glass and more…

Yahoo, please bring the directory back!  😀


Remember real bookstores like Barnes & Noble?  The next time you go to a real bookstore, take some time and browse the magazine racks.  Magazines are essentially what blogs were before the Internet came on the scene.  Write down magazines that look interesting to you.  Or, think back to the good ol days when you bought them and try to remember which ones you enjoyed the most.

Go to the library and look up old back issues.  Something else to think about is you may be able to get some interesting article ideas by flipping through old and new issues.  Each article can give you ideas for keywords and blog post titles.  It might be fun to go really far back in time and try to dig up some articles that are timeless in nature… that has not changed much due to technology.

You can also get some ideas by shopping for them online.  Check out some of these sites:

Magazine Directory – – online directory of magazines sorted alphabetically and searchable.

Amazon Magazines – – another great place to get ideas.  The nice thing about looking on Amazon is you can sort by price, best sellers, categories or by country.

One final note is to pay attention to how thick each magazine is.  A really thick magazine full of ads means there’s big money in that niche!  A thin magazine could be a dying market or limited size.  Take note of what ads you see to further spark some creativity.

Discover a Hobby

Discover a Hobby is a well-done website totally dedicated to helping you find a hobby.  Start off on their home page with ten broad categories, or check out their complete list of hobbies all conveniently located on one page.

Look for the “Go to a Random Hobby” button that will do the thinking for you and show you one of 225 hobbies in their database.  Register on the site to keep track of hobbies you want to do or have done (this is awesome by the way).

Hobby Zeal

Hobby Zeal is an awesome hobby related site with a fun, eye-catching design.  Their lists are organized by categories such as couples, women, kids, men, retired folks, etc.


If you have made it this far, you now have an arsenal of at least a thousand different hobbies to consider when building your next niche website or blog.  I plan to continue adding to this article in the future as I attempt to find some really unusual/obscure hobbies to include.


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