Income School/Project 24 Review – May 2019

Note: This is an actual real review and does NOT contain affiliate links.

This is the real deal.

You may have heard about the how to make money blogging course called Income School/Project 24.

You may also wonder if you should buy it – or… is it worth the money.  As of this writing it is currently $449 a year and then $199/year afterwards.

Depending on your current financial situation, it may be tough to take the plunge at $449, but if you’re not too bad off – as in about to get evicted or go bankrupt, I can say it is for sure worth the money they are asking.

I’ve worked on the Internet for quite awhile – since about 1995 and this is probably one of the best programs I’ve seen and is packed with solid information.

The one thing you do need to be prepared for is that you simply need to be patient when it comes to creating a blog that makes any money at all, let alone replace your income.  For the most part there are no tricks anymore like the wild west days of the web and you will have to put some work in.

The key is to make sure you pick a topic you love and are passionate about, so that building your blog will not seem like work in the first place.  This will save you a lot of agony.

It also helps if you try to get in the mindset that you won’t plan on monetizing your blog for awhile.  There are many examples of websites that didn’t try to monetize in the beginning.  Facebook is a good example.

It also helps to not do what I did – try to build a dozen sites simultaneously.  You are much better off to focus on one or two sites until those really take off.  The reason is because there are a lot of behind the scenes things that take up a lot of time such as WordPress updates, plugin settings, SEO, writing, logo design, security, content theft and on and on.

Focus on one site until you have mastered it, then you’ll have the formula down for the next site.

Anyway, more than likely you will agree that Income School/Project 24 is worth the moola.  Just think of it this way.  You could buy 90 Starbucks lattes for the price of a membership.  Just quit buying coffee every day for 3 months and your membership will be paid for!  😀

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