#1 Most Important Rule When Searching For a Niche Site Idea

For several months now I’ve been searching high and low for the best tips and techniques to help a blogger find perfect niche website ideas that best fits their personality – and has the best potential for profit.

A week or two ago I believe I have found that crucial ingredient.

While listening to an audio recording by Roger Von Oech, a creativity expert who wrote the book “A Whack on the Side of the Head” as well as many others on the subject of creativity.  In this audiobook, Roger recalled a meeting with Steve Jobs where he asked him why he started Apple Computer.  Steve answered “We make what we want for ourselves”.  He continued… “Back in 1976 I wanted a personal computer but I couldn’t find one I liked.  So I had to put myself in a position to learn about engineering, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, public relations, etc.  Mainly because I wanted a personal computer.  I had this passion, and that’s what drove me to start Apple Computer”.

So think about his earlier statement.  Print a copy of this, frame it and hang it on the wall.

“We Make What We Want for Ourselves”

When you start building a list of ideas for your next niche website or blog, keep this in mind.  Every single successful project I have ever started that worked WELL was by following this advice.

I saw a gap in a market after trying to scratch my own itch.  Unable to find a product or service I usually would have an immediate “aha!” moment and knew it would succeed.  This was followed by a lot of passion, excitement and energy to get it done.

It’s usually not too hard to come up with good ideas – but you will have greater success if you try to focus on creating something that you want to exist.

That’s one reason I created this blog you are reading right now.  I’m obsessed with finding and creating ideas for web sites.  There are many sites that cover the entire topic of blogging but only a handful are dedicated to finding niche site ideas.

I recommend you do the same for your blog.  Think about areas in your life where there is something you want to exist?  Perhaps the competition is weak and you have a vision for an even better blog.

You can also take a look at your personal life and ask yourself what areas drastically need improvement?  The perfect solution will be one that you can turn into a blog and document your progress and make money at the same time.  By the time you have filled up your blog with several articles, hopefully you have successfully tackled that problem and can profit from it by using it to help others.

What blog would YOU like to exist but doesn’t?  Create it yourself with love, passion and excitement and you’ll have a winner for sure.

This is basically my new overall philosophy in life – I’m currently building a list of the major areas in my life I want to improve in and one by one am going to turn them into blogs or books… maybe both?  😊

You could apply this idea to products and services, too.

And that’s about it.  Keep reading it daily until you have this ingrained in your mind..

“We Make What We Want for Ourselves” – Steve Jobs

Here is a link to the audio recording by Roger Von Oech if you would like to listen.  Click on audio file #3 called “The Creative Process”



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