How to Find Profitable Niches from Online Courses

Browsing and searching online course sites is another great place to find profitable niche site ideas.  They are right up there with books and magazines.

In the early days, only a handful were in existence.  Now there are several to choose from and more seem to pop up every year.

There are also thousands of independently run courses available on just about any subject you can think of, usually sold as “info products” on popular blogs covering any topic you can imagine.

If you are unsure what topic your blog should be about, keep reading and this article will give you tips on how you can find profitable niche site ideas by borrowing from courses that are currently for sale.


In our article titled “Goldmine of Niches from Amazon Kindle eBooks, Print Books and Audiobooks“, we explained how you can get ideas from books on Amazon.

The same strategy can be applied to get ideas on course platforms which we will list in detail below.

Many of these online course sites will show how much the course costs, number of reviews the course has received, related courses and more.

How can you find a niche site idea from an existing course?

Simple, you browse and search around using keywords that match your personal interests, passions, expertise and take note of courses that are for sale.

Build a list of the topic areas and make sure the topics with the most course reviews stay near the top of your list.

Courses that have a lot of activity give proof that there is an interest to this subject.

The fact that people have paid real money for a course proves not only there is high demand on the subject, but that money can be made on it as well.

As a quick example, if you see a course on Beekeeping, then you could build a blog, YouTube or other social media channel on the same subject.

If you are not sure, you can always write down some topic ideas your gut tells you would work and then do more detailed research to see if the subject is worthwhile to pursue.

So, to make a long story short – you simply borrow the idea from any course you see for sale and consider converting the same topic into a blog.

The great thing about this is you will find most of the legwork has been done for you. Usually you can see the table of contents for each course, so consider that information to be more detailed topics you can write about on your blog, or videos to make on YouTube, etc.

Of course, never directly copy anyone.

Your only goal here should be to get an IDEA for a niche site.  Always do all of your own unique writing, research, photography, etc.

Best Online Course Sites to Find Niches

Ok, now if you are ready to begin, here are some of the top online course platforms out there as of this writing:

Udemy – I’m actually a Udemy member and love it.  Occasionally, they may have specials in which you can sign up for a course with a steep discount.  Keep an eye out for those specials. Anyway, go to right now and let’s do a quick demo of how you can find a blog/niche site idea from Udemy.

On the front page there is a search bar. Let’s say I’m interested in Beekeeping.  A quick search currently shows 9 courses that are relevant to the subject.  And, they are all courses other people paying money for.










One of the best selling courses is close to $60 and has over 150 ratings and nearing 500 students enrolled.

To me this validates that the subject of Beekeeping is worth pursuing as a blog.

By viewing the landing page for the course you can get a complete outline of the course content and see what other courses students bought.

I also recommend that you read every single review of the course to find out what buyers liked, didn’t like or what they thought might have been missing.

Research the instructors to see if they already have a website up and running as this will be a good resource to analyze.

There’s a good chance that the instructor has a companion blog and chose creating an info product as a monetization method, as advertising revenue isn’t always the best way to go.

Browse Course Sites for Niche Ideas

If you’re not sure what to search for, you can also browse for topics. Udemy currently has 13 main overall topics that include Development, Business, Finance & Accounting, IT & Software, Office Productivity, Personal Development, Design, Marketing, Lifestyle, Photography, Health & Fitness, Music and Teaching & Academics.

Once you have explored Udemy, check out some of the other online education sites where you can do the same to get ideas including: – Another great course site which gives you access to over 15,000 courses for a monthly/annual fee. – Course site seems to be more tech focused – Online courses via partner universities from around the world

Class Central – Course search engine – Non profit online course with free library of mini courses. – This is a great place to get ideas as currently you can see the stats of the number of followers a broad general topic has.  An example if you browse all categories and click on Photography, there are currently 1 million follower of that topic.

Photography is probably too broad of a topic to choose, but if you dig a little further you will find courses with a more specific, focused, narrow topic such as “Portrait Photography” or even one on “Pet Portraits”. – This site has premium courses from some top names in the world including A list celebrities and CEOS from around the world.  A bit more expensive, but here you can find the top desired subjects.

There are likely many more online course sites, but the above ones should give you a good start.

They are somewhat generic, so if you don’t see a class you think would work well, you might try a simple Google search to see what shows up.

Perhaps the next big idea will be for you to start a niche course site similar to one of the above sites but focused on an industry such as cooking or making money?

Also be sure to pay attention to what the search bar on some of these sites may automatically
suggest to you when you start typing in a few letters or the first word.

On Udemy, if I start searching for “creativity” by the time I get to the first 5 letters “creat” some suggestions include:

Creative Writing
Udemy Course Creation
Create Online Course

Get the idea?


If you’re stumped and uncertain what niche to blog about, online courses are another great place to get ideas.  You can quickly validate topics and many times get a complete outline of a course which can then be turned into specific blog posts/articles… usually for free!

Still need help finding a niche?  Please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to help find one that best matches your interests.  Good luck!

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