How to Get Niche Site Ideas from Reddit

One of the best places to get ideas for your next niche website or blog is from the hugely popular community called Reddit.

Reddit is essentially a massive collection of topical forums on pretty much any subject you can imagine.

The quick way to find and judge the viability of an idea is to do a keyword search or manually browse “subreddits” on the home page.

You can also download their mobile app for Apple iPhone or Android (Google Pixel, etc.)

Go there right now and do a search for a hobby or area you are interested in or have expertise.

As a quick demonstration, search for “snakes” and you will see the top communities related to the snake niche as well as most recent and relevant posts on the topic.

With this example, some of the top communities on Reddit about snakes include:

/r/snakes – 97,800 members
r/herpetology – 45.5k members
r/reptiles – 69.1k members
r/ballpython – 34.3k members
r/snakeswithhats – 37.3k members

When you visit a subreddit, you can browse new, hot, rising and top discussions within that overall “umbrella” category.  You can also search, returning results only from the “snakes” sub for example.

Personally, I’m not a snake expert, but would take a guess that pythons are likely the most popular pet snake, so a blog on that topic would likely do well over time – as long as you create high quality content around the subject.

You can also view a complete list of subreddits by going to:

There is also a subreddit on the topic of List of Subreddits!  Could it get any more convenient
than this?  😊

Check it out at:

Reddit List Subreddit Directory

Another awesome way to discover hidden subreddits is by visiting the site called RedditList at

Currently RedditList allows you to see all communities in their database (currently 4,247).

You can also filter results depending on if you are at work or not.  😉

Another handy feature is the ability to view communities with most subscribers, most active with recent activity and ones that have had the most growth in the past 24 hours.

Quickly find niche ideas by utilizing the “Categories” directory with large topics such as art, music, science, sports, pictures, gaming, science, technology, lifestyle and more.  Choosing a broad topic will display subtopics sorted by the most popular ones at the top.

Ask and Answer Questions to Get Ideas…

Just like with the snakes example mentioned earlier, you can take a very popular “general” category, subscribe to that community and ask questions, answer questions, browse and search until you get a good vibe for that topic.

Become a regular, active member and you will soon develop a gut instinct for what is in demand with that audience.

You might even be able to post a question and flat out ask people what kind of blog/YouTube channel you would like to see in this area.  Or, ask what their favorite ones that already exist are.

If you get enough feedback from your question, check the comments for recommended blogs/YouTube channels for ideas/inspiration.

Remember to Keep Track of Your Ideas

Don’t forget to keep track of every topic that peaks your interest.  You can do so with a simple text document on your computer or with pen and paper.

Better yet, simply create an account for free and join every topic that interests you.

How to Judge the Viability of a Niche on Reddit

For every subreddit, you can find a few stats on the sidebar under the heading that says “About Community”.

Here you will see the total number of members and how many of those members are currently online.  The higher the number, the more popular that niche is.

Example below for /r/snakes

Typically, as the popularity of a niche increases so does the number of competing sites, YouTube and other social media channels.

Don’t be discouraged if you uncover many competing sites while doing research.

It is a common belief to think you need to find a niche idea that nobody else is in, but usually the opposite is true.

Heavy competition is a sign of a very active market, which is good – because there is no guesswork regarding whether or not people are interested in a niche or not.

On the other hand, if you find a category that has mild activity, a blog on the same subject may have little or no competition.  But… this may result in a website that doesn’t generate as much traffic.

It will take a bit of practice to fully develop the ability to spot a hot niche.  Sometimes a low traffic site can be more profitable than a high traffic site depending no how it is monetized.  Keep practicing daily to build your niche spotting muscles. 💪

When recording niche ideas, set a goal to generate around ten blog or social media channel ideas per day.

Some days you may only have one good idea, others you may rack up 5 or more.  Keep pluggin’ away until you find a niche that jumps out at you.

The key indicator is how excited and passionate you are about it.  What you really want to look for is a topic that makes you want to take action immediately and one that keeps you up late at night.


There is no need to overthink the process of finding niches on Reddit.  It’s pretty straightforward – just search/browse around the site, write down topics that interest you and make this a daily habit.

Conduct Google searches on subreddit topics to study potential traffic and whether it could be monetized or not.

Set a deadline for yourself to come up your top 10 favorite ideas and keep reducing that list until you have 3 and then your #1 top favorite idea.  And then… take action and start building that blog or website!

The demographics on Reddit typically reveal a younger and tech savvy crowd, so it is possible a very popular subject may not be very active there even though it is active elsewhere on the Internet.  For example, hobbies/interests that target older audiences.

Overall the best thing to do is get an account and immerse yourself in topics on Reddit that appeal to you the most.  Over time you will develop a sixth sense for ideas that can provide value and serve the thousands of audiences there.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you would like help finding a niche that is perfectly suited for your passions, hobbies, profession, interests, etc.

Good luck with your quest!

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