Profitable Niche Site Ideas from Old, Outdated Websites

When researching niches, occasionally you can find a gold mine if many of the competing sites in a topic you are considering are old, abandoned and out of date.

This is why it’s important to actually visit each site you are considering getting into.

If you discover that many of the resulting sites appear as if they haven’t been update in awhile, but are still showing up high in search results, you can practically be guaranteed success.

Ancient websites are a bit harder to find, but while doing Google searches or browsing around the Internet, keep your eyes peeled, as they may be GOLD in disguise.

How to Spot Outdated Niche Websites:

Sites/blogs that use an earlier file structure such as pages that end in .htm or .html – i.e. “home.htm” is a good one.

Scroll to the bottom and look for the most recent copyright date.  The older, the better.

Outdated/cheesy web design.  If you find an old, dated looking website with an outdated design, but seems to be up to date as far as the last time content was published, this is a perfect target for you to compete with.

By using a newer platform such as WordPress, the odds are high you can compete directly with such sites and blow em out of the water and outrank them. Things to look out for include websites that look like they were designed in the 1990’s or early 2000’s.

How to Find Out of Date Niche Sites:

Most of the time you will have to rely on luck and putting in the time to manually check sites that show up in a search results to find good ones.  This is a good thing to do anyway as you can gradually build up an idea/swap file from every site you visit.

There are a few search operators you can use on Google that can speed up the process.

Here is an example:

Do keyword search plus “.htm” or other indicators to find such pages.  In the future, I’ll try to create a list of other specific searches you can try similar to this one.

Go to Google and try this search: filetype:htm hammocks

After you do this search you can also click on the “tools” menu in the search results and refine by older dates.  With this example alone I quickly found several sites that appear to be in need of a makeover.

Once you find an old site you would like to compete with, you can then conduct research on that site to get a rough idea of how much traffic it is receiving using a tool such as UberSuggest.

Also be sure to research the overall niche to make sure it is a topic worth pursuing and isn’t too obscure using Google Trends and other techniques we’ll outline soon in an upcoming post.


There are likely thousands if not millions of websites on the Internet that have been abandoned for many reasons – laziness, fatigue, boredom, old technology, life changing situations, etc.

If you can spot such a niche you may be able to easily build a competing site, dominate and grab the majority of the traffic.

This is a little bit like when you see a worn out local mom & pop shop or supermarket taken over by a larger corporation.   It’s sad, but eventually there’s no way around it – someone will move in and take over.  It’s just the way the cycle works.

You don’t have to be evil about it, just contribute to that audience and provide value.  Who knows, you may be able to buy the old website out and it can turn into win-win situation for everyone.

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