Profitable Niches from Brick and Mortar Bookstores

One of my favorite ways to stimulate my creativity is to take a trip to a real “brick and mortar” bookstore such as Barnes & Noble.

Before the Internet came around, bookstores were pretty much the closest experience you could have to the surfing the web.  It was always inspiring to browse around and look through books on any subject imaginable… as well as magazines.

As of this writing, bookstores such as Barnes & Noble are still around.  Crossing my fingers they will survive the crazy and uncertain times we are in.

If you are burnt out on staring at your computer screen, take a break and head to your local bookstore and do your niche research there.

Bring a small notepad and pen or use your smartphone to take notes.  You may even want to grab a coffee while you’re at it.

Browse Non-Fiction Books to Get Niche Site Ideas

Since your primary goal will be to get niche ideas, you will mainly want to browse the non-fiction sections.  Any book you see for sale is a potential niche you could pursue.

Write down any idea that pops in your head.  You may get an idea from a specific book or a non-fiction category.

If you see a non-fiction category that has a lot of similar competing books, that is the sign of a good niche.

The nice thing about bringing your phone is you can also take a photo of book covers quickly, then look through the book photo covers later when you get home.

You could even take a photo of the table of contents and have ideas for articles to write about on that topic, or look it up later using the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon.

Since you will want to find topics you are most passionate about, make notes regarding sections you naturally gravitate to.

Check Out the Magazine Section

Barnes & Noble also has an amazing selection of magazines to look through.  Just like books, each magazine is like a physical, printed representation of a blog.

Take photos of magazines you like or write down their titles.  You can judge each niche magazine on a few different criteria to tell if it is a subject worth pursuing.  Some indicators of a good niche include:

Magazine thickness – how many pages in an issue?  The more, the merrier.

How many ads in an issue?  The more ads, the more potential money is circulating in that audience.

How often is the magazine published?  Once a month?  Every other month?  Every quarter?  The more frequent, the more in demand the content is.

You may want to buy magazines that match your interests and study them in detail when you get home.  See what type of articles are in them, who is advertising and what products/services are advertised.


You don’t have to limit yourself only to online research when trying to find a good niche site idea.  Check out your local bookstore and you should be able to easily brainstorm several ideas each visit.

In the future we will also do a more in-depth article on how to find niche ideas from magazines/periodicals, so stay tuned and bookmark this site for that.

If you ever need help finding a good niche idea, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

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