Turn Your Problems into Profitable Niche Site Ideas

I just had a realization the other day that the best way you can come up with a good and profitable niche site idea is by solving one or more of your problems that you currently are dealing with.

When you start a new blog, there’s no guarantee it will end up going anywhere.  Many people when selecting a niche topic, try to think about money first and end up writing about a subject they are not really passionate about.  The problem with thinking about money first is you are probably not going to provide as much value, and readers will notice.

Instead of building a “hollow” site with no soul, why not tackle a problem you have been plagued with for years?  Or, consider a goal you have always wanted to accomplish, but have not reached.  For me, weight loss and getting in better shape is the first thing that comes to mind.

I could start my own weight loss/getting in shape blog and journal my progress from the starting point until I actually get in shape.  By writing about the problem it is more likely that I will actually get out of my chair and start exercising.  The more I exercise, the more likely I will get in shape.  If I actually succeed and have before and after proof, then readers will be VERY interested in what I did to succeed.

Now of course, anything with health, dieting, fitness could be considered a YMYL site, so may be tougher to rank.  So keep that in mind you.  YMYL site requirements usually recommend that specific medical information and advice should come from actual doctors and other health professionals.  However, it does appear that there is a little less scrutiny with sharing your personal experience.

If you don’t want to deal with the extra requirements from a YMYL site, simply pick another problem area in your life.  Stumped for ideas?  Let’s make a list, shall we?

Write Down All of Your Problems

The first thing you should do is start a list of all your problems in a notebook or computer document.  Here are some random prompts and areas of your life to consider:

Career, Jobs
Distractions, Focus
Holiday Stress
Home Security
Information overload
Organization, decluttering
Self Esteem
Too Many Papers
Too Much Screen Time
Video Game Addiction
Yard work
Your Cell Phone

If you’re still stumped and can’t find a problem to tackle and turn into an idea, check out this web site “A Complete List of All World Issues” at https://www.12-12-12.org/isslist.htm.

Start right now – start a dedicated pen and paper notebook or computer document and every day write down specific problems you have that you would like to solve.  Write down things that annoy or anger you.  Don’t worry about if you think it could become a potential website idea or not.  Write everything down and judge later.  Try to spend a few minutes every day filling up your bank of problems until you feel everything has been covered.


One specific example I can give in my life is I have way too much paperwork in various boxes, tubs and file folders.  I have so many papers that many times I end up not being able to find important documents as I have to dig through all of the non important stuff to find them.

Solution: Create a blog about how to organize your paperwork.  Start with where I currently am and provide before and after photos and video, showing my progress from totally disorganized to having everything in perfect order.

Another example:  Being productive working at home with kids.  Working at home is harder than one might think and requires a lot of willpower.  You must stay focused and prevent people from distracting you as well as avoid temptations to take naps, watch TV or engage in other procrastination tactics.

Solution: Create a blog and journal my progress from a chaotic work at home with kids environment to one that is productive while maintaining a healthy family balance.  Share all tips and tricks I learn along the way.

Yet another problem: Cats.  We have 3 cats and keeping our life in order with kids and everything else can be challenging.  I would like to create an environment for the cats so they are not peeing, pooping and puking everywhere.  No, this doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes it feels like it.

Solution: Create a blog and call it something like Zen of Cats or whatever.  Turn your chaotic cat environment into one that is minimalist, clean and zen like.  If that is even possible.

Pick Your Favorite Problem and Turn it Into an Idea

Once you have built up a complete list of all of the problems in your life, it’s time to pick one and turn into a niche site idea.  As mentioned earlier, any problem that has to do with YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) will usually be more difficult and more scrutiny will be placed on your web site.  Examples include health, fitness, financial advice, legal advice, etc.  If you don’t want to do a YMYL site, the eliminate any problems from your list in those areas.

Next, go through the remaining problem areas and take note of which ones you like the most.  Put a star by them or start making a new separate list of your favorites.  Just go with your initial gut feeling and excitement level.  Try to get this list down to your top 10, then take a break for a few hours or perhaps a day.

Then, simply try to pick your #1 favorite idea.  You will want to pick an idea that it is likely other people will have, so do a little keyword searching on it before making a commitment.  Check Google, Twitter, Facebook to see what other people are saying.  Are there already websites out there that solve this problem areas?

That’s about all there is too it.  You may need to brainstorm a little bit on the problem you decide to blog about.  Look for a good domain name and create the ultimate resource to help you and others solve this problem.


Hopefully this article has given you a few light bulb moments especially if you have been having a hard time trying to figure out what niche you should pick.  The goal should be first to blog about the problem you want to solve until you have succeeded in fixing it.  Once you have conquered it, you will then be an authority in that area – just like someone that has succeeded in climbing Mount Everest.

Once you are an authority, you will the be in a good position to start monetizing your blog so it can then help others, and pay you back for all of your hard work in return.

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