A Valuable Lesson from Income School

Just doing a short post on an insight I had earlier today.  After watching a recent video on the Income School YouTube channel, I realized one big reason why Income School succeeds so well is because they give many nuggets of information free from the beginning.

I believe this is called the Law of Reciprocity and could be applied to any product, service or website.

It’s just like when you go to the food court at a shopping mall and the Chinese restaurant is handing out samples of their entrees.  Maybe you’ll keep walking and eat somewhere else, but there’s a  chance you will order from them.  The marketing cost to do this is very low, and anyone that offers a free sample will be way ahead out of the starting gate compared to the competition.

Anyway, here are a couple videos related to the topic.  One is a typical video from Income School giving over a half hour of advice for free!

Now, I’m not saying that they are calculating this or even aware they are doing it.  They give a lot of good info out for free and good things happen in return.

So, if you’re trying to figure out how you can get more visitors to your blog… or increase sales of your product/service, ask yourself what freebie you could offer to attract potential customers.

What free samples can you offer to your audience?

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